Math Guidelines

Improve your Math materials & instruction for ELs with our free, comprehensive tool. The Math Guidelines are divided into five Areas of Focus:

I: Interdependence of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language
II: Scaffolding and Supports for Simultaneous Development
III: Mathematical Rigor Through Language
IV: Leveraging Students' Assets
V: Assessment of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language
Area of Focus I

Interdependence of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language

Specification 1A

Materials highlight, define, illustrate, and show the purpose for mathematical language within the context of the lesson (not in isolation).

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Specification 1B

Materials guide teachers to encourage students to build their own understanding of mathematics actively, through sustained activities and experiences.

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Specification 1C

Materials provide strategies to help students make connections between current language, new language, and mathematical concepts.

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Specification 1D

Units offer repeated opportunities to develop, refine, and extend language for mathematical purposes over time.

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Specification 2A

Teacher materials state clear and specific language objectives both for math practices as well as for academic purposes that cut across disciplines.

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Specification 2B

Student materials contain mathematics and language learning objectives.

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Specification 2C

Teacher materials articulate a pathway or progression of objectives for content, practices, and language throughout units.

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Specification 2D

Materials present opportunities for students to use language at different stages within a unit, such as speculating or predicting about a new topic, exploring and reflecting during an experience, presenting afterwards, etc.

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Specification 3A

Activities deepen and extend learning through the various modes of communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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Specification 3B

Materials include prompts for students to reflect on their own thought processes, language use, methods, and learning of mathematical content.

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Specification 3C

Materials encourage students to utilize interdisciplinary words and phrases as well as math-specific words and phrases.

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