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Benchmarks to support states and districts in materials adoption

The Benchmarks of Quality are a tool for education leaders that outline 5 criteria necessary in instructional materials to truly support multilingual learners.

New National Research Report: Raising Teachers’ Voices

Research shows that instructional materials can be a valuable resource for teaching and learning. Yet, our newest research shows that most teachers do not feel their materials truly support their multilingual learners.

Teachers Lack Language-Focused Training and Tools

TOo Few are Certified
Only 20% of public school teachers are certified to teach the 4.6 million English learner students in public schools.*
Too Few Get Language-Focused Training and Tools
Only 24% of K-12 teachers reported receiving English learner-focused professional development over the last three years.*
Most Material Lacks Language Supports
Effective language development instruction is largely absent in ELA and math instructional materials for teachers.
Growing EL Population’s Academic Needs Unmet
As the English learner student population continues to grow, most teachers have or can expect to have an English learner student in their classroom.
*Source: 2011-2012 School and Staffing Survey
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