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Are you an EL professional with at least 5 years teaching or studying ELs in K–12 education with a deep understanding of: 1) English language acquisition in the context of core ELA and mathematics, standards-aligned content, and 2) what teachers and students need for rigorous, grade-level instruction? ELSF is seeking EL professionals who are passionate about ensuring ELs receive the highest-quality instruction and see the importance of quality instructional materials in K–12 classrooms. Individuals must have experience identifying and distilling high-impact EL learning strategies and an interest in supporting ELSF partners in the improvement of core content for ELs.


Browse our free resources designed to illustrate activities and scaffolds that can be strategically built into lessons and units to deepen and accelerate English learners’ content area learning over time. As laid out in ELSF’s Guidelines, these resources should be employed as part of a comprehensive approach to EL instruction within a cohesive curriculum that progressively builds student content skills and knowledge over the course of a unit or a year, and not in isolation. Filter these educator resources by type below.


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