Math Guidelines

Improve your Math materials & instruction for ELs with our free, comprehensive tool. The Math Guidelines are divided into five Areas of Focus:

I: Interdependence of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language
II: Scaffolding and Supports for Simultaneous Development
III: Mathematical Rigor Through Language
IV: Leveraging Students' Assets
V: Assessment of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language
Area of Focus V

Assessment of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language

Specification 13A

Teacher materials should provide examples of teacher-student and student-student interactions that model and reflect the intent of mathematical practices.

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Specification 13B

Teacher materials present examples in a way that highlights student potential for English proficiency, not deficit-based.

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Specification 14A

Assessments prompt students to use math practices through language (including but not limited to vocabulary).

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Specification 14B

Rubrics specifically identify and describe typical mathematical content, practice, and language achievements.

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Specification 14C

Teacher materials suggest ways to capture students' progress from everyday language to language for more formal academic and mathematical purposes.

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Specification 15A

Teacher materials instruct teachers to avoid interpreting lower level language proficiency as lower level mathematics proficiency.

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Specification 15B

Units include a range of assessments for formative purposes that enable students to draw on and make use of their existing language resources.

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Specification 15C

Summative assessment tools specifically identify, describe, and measure mathematical and language successes, errors, and misconceptions and guide teachers to score them accordingly.

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