Math Guidelines

Improve your Math materials & instruction for ELs with our free, comprehensive tool. The Math Guidelines are divided into five Areas of Focus:

I: Interdependence of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language
II: Scaffolding and Supports for Simultaneous Development
III: Mathematical Rigor Through Language
IV: Leveraging Students' Assets
V: Assessment of Mathematical Content, Practices, and Language
Area of Focus IV

Leveraging Students’ Assets

Specification 10A

Teacher materials include relevant and practical suggestions for connecting mathematics content and practices to students’ lives.

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Specification 10B

Materials encourage students to draw on prior knowledge, culture, and experiences.

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Specification 10C

Materials offer opportunities for clarifying potentially unfamiliar contexts.

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Specification 11A

Teacher materials contain examples (and counter-examples) of evidence of students with various language strengths and needs engaged in mathematical practices.

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Specification 11B

Teacher materials contain explicit guidance for teachers to examine their own values and beliefs about language, ELs, and ways in which that might impact their teaching.

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Specification 12A

Activities permit appropriate opportunities for ELs to use and integrate first language (L1) and everyday English in communicating mathematical thinking.

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Specification 12B

Activities and materials present opportunities for students to ask and pursue their own questions and interests, using their own methods in their chosen contexts.

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