ELA Guidelines

Improve your ELA materials & instruction for ELs with our free, comprehensive tool. The ELA Guidelines are divided into five Areas of Focus:

I: Interdependence of Oral Language, Disciplinary Writing, and Text Engagement
II: Sustained Language and Content Support
III: Learner Awareness (Metacognitive Strategies)
IV: Leveraging Students' Assets
V: Formative Assessment

Here's how the ELA Guidelines Work

As a guidance tool, the ELSF guidelines:

Provide pathways for simultaneous development of disciplinary knowledge, language, and literacy for ELs, and guide content developers and educators in developing content materials that are inclusive of ELs through meaningful integration of their backgrounds, explicit attention to language needs, and carefully designed language supports.

Who can use them?

Content developers and publishers, school and district administrators, instructional leaders and coaches, and classroom-based educators.

How are they structured?

The ELA Guidelines are divided into 5 Areas of Focus. Each area is comprised of several guidelines which help define that Area of Focus. Further, each guideline has several specification which outline specific attributes materials as defined by that guideline must possess for ELs.

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