Supporting Instruction for English Learners During COVID-19

April 10, 2020

ELSF’s highest priority is making sure our EL students do not fall further behind academically during school closures and the transition to remote learning. Below are the tools, resources, and other responses to the Covid-19 crisis as it affects English learners that ELSF has produced and compiled thus far.

Read Dr. Lily Wong Fillmore’s open letter to educators, families, and students of English Learners on challenges and solutions for remote learning following Covid-19.

ELSF has developed high-level guidance for districts and educators as we move forward in planning for the learning needs of EL students during school closures.

Review our Guidance on Using Multilingual Resources to Support EL Remote Learning, which includes emerging best practices for leveraging home languages as well as supplementary resources for supporting ELs in the immediate term.

View the Do's and Don'ts or Remote Learning for English Learners in ELA and Math.

Follow our blog series addressing issues of remote learning on Voices from the Field.

We’re also asking for your help in several ways:

  1. Please take our survey for educators
  2. If you are an organization that develops content and are exploring ways to make your materials more accessible and impactful for EL students and their families, contact us here at ELSF: We want to support your efforts!
  3. Please share these and future resources on your social media and within your network. Please spread the word about our educator survey or share our district and educator infographics.
  4. We invite you to share with us any specific guidance we should be providing related to instructional access for ELs—we would love to pass this information along to through our networks and to our partners. Please reach out to
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