5 Things Districts and Educators Can do to Support Instruction for English Learners During COVID-19

March 23, 2020

ELSF wishes the best of health to all school and district staff and our students in what has been a scary and difficult time for so many in our communities. We know that educators and families are also facing immediate instructional changes and school closures, while focusing on the goal of providing our students with learning opportunities that spark their imagination and further their love of learning during these unprecedented times.

In this sudden tumult, we know no district has been ready for a simultaneous move to all online instruction. Assuming most areas should prepare for prolonged interruptions in in-person instruction, ELSF has developed high-level guidance for districts and educators as we move forward in planning for the curriculum and learning needs of English learner students during school closures. In support of our schools, districts, partners, and especially our kids, we will collaborate with other members of the education community to find creative solutions and additional resources to the issues arising with the transition to remote instruction. ELSF always strives to support accessibility and quality of learning materials inclusive of English learner needs, and these sudden instructional changes only emphasize the need for specific care and attention to these students.



View the PDF versions of the infographics for districts and educators.

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