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Terry Walter

Senior Director for Curriculum and Instruction, San Diego County Office of Education; Retired

Teresa Walter has worked in public education for over 30 years.  She began her career in San Diego Unified School District as an elementary classroom teacher working in bilingual, English as a second language, and traditional settings.  She has developed English Language Development curriculum, presented at local, state and national conferences, written two professional books on teaching English language learners, and consulted on the topic of English learners, English Language Development, and quality instruction.  Ms. Walter is a practitioner; working in a variety of school site and central office positions:  English Learner Support Resource Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, and Director of the Office of Language Acquisition.  In addition, Ms. Walter served for one year in Chicago Public Schools as the Chief Officer for Curriculum and Instruction before returning to San Diego Unified in a similar role as the Executive Director for Teaching and Learning for San Diego Unified School District, and then as the Senior Director for Curriculum and Instruction for the San Diego County Office of Education, from which she recently retired.


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