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Melissa Lambert

Equity and Multilingual Learner Specialist and co-founder, Fostering Quality Schools; Founder, Create Capacity

Melissa Lambert, M. Ed., Equity and Multilingual Learner Specialist and co-founder of Fostering Quality Schools and the founder of Create Capacity. Both organizations are dedicated to supporting educational leaders with identifying and dismantling systemic oppression. Melissa believes in the power of a shared vision, and works to challenge the process and build educator capacity. Her work in education spans two decades and always incorporates an equity-centered approach to positively affect outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Deeply driven by problem solving, building trust, and challenging educator mindset she brings knowledge and demonstrated results for motivating teams and shifting practice.

Melissa’s passion for equity embraces the fostering of interdepartmental collaboration structures and protocols to increase high-quality education for Multilingual learners (MLLs). Most recently, she served as a Senior Engagement Manager, English Learners Services at WestEd and formerly, as a district supervisor in San Francisco, CA. Melissa has designed, developed, and implemented P-12 core curriculum (ELA, ELD/ENL, and content literacy) and delivers high-quality, on-going professional development for site leaders and teachers in large urban districts and rural settings. She understands the nuances and differentiated work including a multi-tiered system of support and embedded cross-team/department collaboration.

As a former Director in Northern CA, she shaped innovative site leadership through developing strategic site plans to emphasize teacher clarity and a focus on targeting/close monitoring of student impact. This work included designing and leading a new Medical Career Pathway High School, and the recipient of the first Middle College High School Grant in the region. She has served as a secondary math and science teacher, diverse adolescent literacy/reading teacher and instructional coach, and has been involved with women in leadership with a focus on girls in math, science and technology.

Melissa holds to the belief that building capacity to transform the quality of instruction for all students is done through articulation and clarity of vision, designing high impact/manageable plans, cinching opportunities for reflection and feedback that directly impacts student progress. She keeps student equity and student voice at the center of the work as she strives for high-quality professional learning, planning and always includes challenging educator mindset to accelerate and sustain continuous improvement.


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