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Mary-Anne Sheppard

Mary-Anne Sheppard has been in education for more than twenty years and currently serves as the Executive Director of Leadership Development in Norwalk, CT.  Prior to working in Connecticut, Mary-Anne engaged in a variety of roles working for the New York City Department of Education, starting as a middle school math teacher in the Bronx and rising to positions such as Math Coach and Middle School Principal.  She later went on to become the Community School District 2 Deputy Superintendent, working with 49 schools and several Pre-K centers to meet the diverse needs of more than 26,000 students from across Manhattan.  

When Mary-Anne first joined Norwalk Public Schools, she began as the Director of STEM and was committed to supporting school leaders and teachers to implement, monitor, and refine a shared and coherent STEM curricula to ensure all students had access to rigorous, grade-level learning experiences.  As the Executive Director of Leadership Development, she coordinates and facilitates district-wide professional learning and targeted coaching cycles focused on adaptive leadership and establishing systems and structures that support and advance teacher practices and student outcomes.

At Mary-Anne’s core is a love for learning and a particular passion for fostering rich, rigorous and rewarding math learning experiences for both adults and students.  Having seen the transformative power of those experiences, she is committed to working with educators to ensure all students have that access and opportunity in a community that is warm, welcoming and affirming.  


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