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Jin Sook Lee

University of California, Santa Barbara

Jin Sook Lee is a professor in the Department of Education and an affiliated faculty member in the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has worked extensively with young and adult English learners as both a classroom teacher and researcher for over 25 years. She earned her doctoral degree from Stanford University in Language Learning and Policy with an emphasis in second language acquisition. Her research focuses on how sociocultural variables influence language teaching and learning processes among English language learners, heritage language learners, and bilingual students. Her current projects include: 1) the examination of social, linguistic, and academic trajectories of bilingual students in dual immersion classrooms; 2) the study of heritage language maintenance efforts among immigrant families; and 3) the development of a project-based sociolinguistic justice curriculum for English language learners through a university-community partnership. Her publications include The Education of Linguistic Minority Students in the United States (co-edited with Terrence Wiley and Russ Rumberger, 2009, Multilingual Matters) and Feeling It: Language, Race and Affect in Latinx Youth Learning (co-edited with Mary Bucholtz and Doroles Inés Casillas, 2018, Routledge) as well as articles in journals such as the Review of Research in Education, International Journal of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education, Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, and Language, Culture and Curriculum. She serves on the editorial board of The International Multilingual Research Journal, Bilingual Research Journal, Language Arts, The Journal of Asia TEFL, and Language Teaching for Young Learners, and was a recipient of the Foundation for Child Development Young Scholar’s Award (2008) and the Senior Fulbright Core Specialist in Applied Linguistics Research Award (2012).


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