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Jack Dieckmann

Senior Advisor, Mathematics

Jack is Senior Advisor, Mathematics at ELSF. He advises on reviews of math curricular materials to support language development. Jack currently also has an academic appointment as the Director of Research at youcubed at Stanford University, documenting the effectiveness of youcubed’s learning opportunities including Jo Boaler’s online courses in mathematical mindset and other youcubed research-based practices and materials. Prior to joining youcubed, Jack was the associate director for curriculum at the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE), where he led the math team in performance assessment development. As a scholar of teaching, Jack’s additional research interest is in the area of “language for mathematical purposes”, especially for English learners. Jack received his doctorate in mathematics education at Stanford GSE in 2009, co-advised by Jo Boaler and Linda Darling-Hammond. For the past 16 years, Jack has served as an instructor in the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP), Jack continues to consult across the country and internationally in China, Brazil, and Chile in the areas of math education and teacher learning.


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