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Celine Liu

Educational Services Coordinator in San Leandro Unified School District

Celine Liu is Educational Services Coordinator in San Leandro Unified School District in the Bay Area, where she supports TK-12 instruction, especially in mathematics. Through professional development, coaching, curriculum and assessment design and implementation support, she works with teachers, administrators, paraeducators and support staff, as well as family and community members to foster strong mathematical identities for all students, with a particular focus and lens on those students who have historically been denied access to high quality math learning experiences.

A former high school mathematics teacher (general as well as special education) with experience in urban districts in New Jersey and California, Celine comes most recently from the Alameda County Office of Education where she was the Mathematics Program Manager. Celine is also co-founder of the Radical STEMM Educators of the Bay Area, and chair of the Equity Task Force on the California Action Network for Mathematics Excellence and Equity (CANMEE), a statewide lesson study project with a dual focus on student agency and cognitively demanding mathematics. She leverages her experience and training as a social worker and community organizer in all aspects of her work to transform public education. Celine’s public persona is best seen on Twitter via @celinesliu.


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