ELSF Providing Guidance and Professional Learning to State Leadership

December 10, 2019
In 2019, state and regional education leaders have sought out ELSF to attend key meetings and conferences, and collaborate with these leaders to find effective solutions to promote EL student achievement.

In March, Renae Skarin, Director of our Curriculum Review Process, appeared on a panel at the Impact Florida 2019 Education Summit: The State of Literacy Instruction, alongside Barbara Davidson of Standards Works, Sue Pimentel of Student Achievement Partners, and David Abel of TNTP. This and other sessions from the Summit are archived here.

This October, Renae, along with Executive Director Crystal Gonzales, presented at the Rhode Island Department of Education Honors Colloquium to discuss assessing high quality curricular materials for multilingual learners.

On December 6-7, ELSF EL Experts Jana Hilleren and Jack Dieckmann presented at the High Quality Instructional Materials: A Foundation for Equity, Excellence, and Relevance conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they shared the research supporting and importance of improving the supply and accessibility of high-quality k-12 instructional materials that address the linguistic and cultural needs fo ELs.

In 2020, ELSF will continue to seek ways to provide leadership, advising, and professional development and collaborate with state and local leaders to ensure the best future for our English Learners.


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