EdSource Commentary: The right instructional materials in math can make all the difference.

May 24, 2023

EdSource Commentary
by Renae Skarin

In this recent commentary on EdSource, ELSF's Sr Advisor Renae Skarin discusses the importance of adopting instructional materials that are responsive to English Learner needs. To help California districts understand and choose math materials that allow English Learners to succeed, several partners developed an educator-friendly rubric.

"District and state leaders spend significant time, money and human resources during the materials-adoption process. It is essential that we provide them with practical tools and resources to maximize the costly adoption process so they make the best decisions for their English learners and all students.

A new educator-friendly rubric from the California Curriculum Collaborative does just that. It provides California state and district leaders with practical criteria to evaluate whether the materials they are considering for adoption address the language and content needs in math of English learners."

Read the full commentary on EdSource.  

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