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May 28, 2021

ELSF's Crystal Gonzales and Leyla Bravo were interviewed by ESOL Florida to discuss what changes they'd like to see in order to allow English learners to succeed.

The article states: "The passionate leaders behind the English Learners Success Forum (also known as ELSF) know all too well that once students are identified and tracked into a remedial pipeline, it is a much harder journey to escape that trajectory.  

The reality of students falling behind is only worsening. ELSF leaders insist, that acceleration not remediation is the answer, and that we all must work together to make sure parents, educators, and district and state leaders don’t fall prey to the “pobrecito” (poor baby) syndrome, where in an attempt to protect kids/students from having to handle too much, they end up limiting and hurting them."  

Read more about ELSF's work to ensure all English learners succeed in school.


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