Case Study: Stockton, CA focuses on teacher training to meet English learner needs with new math curriculum

July 14, 2021
Twenty-eight (28) percent of students within Stockton Unified School District are classified as English Learners (EL). The district recognizes that in order for it to live up to its promise of education equity and opportunity, it must meet the needs of their English learners (ELs).

This commitment to ELs is reflected in the district’s Master Plan for English Learners, which - among other things - includes a focus on curriculum, core materials, and teacher support.

To help meet the goals in their Master Plan, Stockton Unified adopted their new math curriculum, and partnered with Pivot CORE and the English Learner Success Forum (ELSF). The partnership aimed to ensure that teachers were assessing and integrating EL needs as part of this new curriculum. [Pivot/Core supported rollout of new curriculum, instructional strategies to support math achievement in the district at large (not necessarily just ELs)]

Read more at the Voices from the Field blog.


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