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James Malamut

Doctoral student, Stanford University

Jim is a doctoral student at Stanford University studying Race, Inequality, and Language in Mathematics Education. He was previously a STEM Assessment Specialist at Envision Learning Partners (ELP) working with teachers and school leaders to improve math instruction, connect assessment and learning, and build educator capacity to support students’ language development in the process. Jim came to ELP from Understanding Language/Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (UL/SCALE), which he joined in 2016 after working as a teacher collaborator on SCALE’s PBL curriculum project Learning Through Performance Middle School Mathematics. He has taught grades 5-8 mathematics using problem-based and inquiry-based approaches in Oakland, Philadelphia, and Ghana. Jim’s experiences as a middle school math teacher bring a lens of praxis to his work on curriculum design, rubric design, analysis of student work, and teacher professional learning. Jim’s curriculum development experiences include building language development opportunities into math and science curricula, including the language design principles of Illustrative Mathematics and working with the English Learner Success Forum to train curriculum developers in designing materials that attend to both mathematical and language development. He has facilitated professional learning opportunities for teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers with regards to mathematics learning, language, and assessment throughout California and beyond. If you are ever on a video call with him, keep an eye out for his not-so-camera-shy cat.


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