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Cathy Zozakiewicz

Academic Program and Research Associate, SCALE, Stanford Graduate School of Education

My professional experience include:

  • Elementary teacher with culturally and linguistically diverse students
  • Teacher educator preparing elementary teachers to work effectively as culturally and linguistically responsible educators
  • Work on multiple research grant projects in schools in California with grade 4-6 teachers, students and student teachers to make science more equitable for historically underserved students, especially girls, students of color and English learners.
  • Work on two grant projects to prepare student teachers and cooperating teachers to bring effective literacy practices in the science classroom
  • Work at SCALE on academic language sections of performance assessment handbooks for edTPA
  • Developing science language routines to embed within a K-6 and middle school science curriculum and developing and facilitating an accompanying professional development course for district educators focusing on the strategic use on the routines

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