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Boni-esther Enquist

Independent Consultant

Boni-esther Enquist is a consultant in the field of English Learning. She writes and delivers professional development curriculum primarily in the Metrowest Boston area. The majority of her work is with MATSOL (Massachusetts Association of Teachers or English to Speakers of Other Languages) as well as the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. She delivers WIDA trainings working through the Wisconsin Center for Education Resources and Services.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Math/Economics and has taught Math, bilingual education (English/Brazilian Portuguese), and English as a Second Language. She works as an adjunct in several local universities delivering over a dozen professional development courses for educators of all types (STEM, Special subjects, Early Education, Guidance Counselors, Core academic subjects, ESL and School Administrators).

Ms. Enquist's current passions are in the area of curriculum design and instruction. She is highly regarded by her peers and has worked as the pilot trainer, lead trainer and current revisionist with Sheltered English Immersion Endorsement course that has been required for over 24,000 Massachusetts educators of English learners. Those who have worked with Boni-esther find her to be extremely knowledgeable, creative, passionate, funny and flexible in her approach to meeting the wide variety of needs of varying instructional settings. Ms. Enquist is one of Massachusetts’ most requested trainers of professional development related to all aspects of education for English learners.


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