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Alyssa Sayavedra

Alyssa Sayavedra is an Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education at CSU Monterey Bay, where she contributes to a growing teacher education program that is addressing our regional teacher shortage by recruiting and supporting local teachers.  A majority of our teaching credential candidates are Hispanic or Latinx, bilingual in English and Spanish, first generation college students, and make a long-term commitment to teach in underserved schools, often with the goal of providing better opportunities to young people in their home districts.

Prior to starting this position in August 2022, Alyssa worked as a teacher-researcher with Black and Latinx students and teachers in Oakland, California for over a decade.  She taught high school mathematics for six years at Madison Park Academy in East Oakland, including Algebra 1, Newcomer Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Calculus.  She also facilitated a teacher learning community about culturally and mathematically responsive mathematics teaching with experienced Black teachers as part of her dissertation work, taught design research courses for middle schoolers in Fruitvale through the Patterns of Change and Control project, led professional development through the Teaching for Robust Understanding project and as a Trellis Mentor Fellow, and led neighborhood youth development activities with Black and Latinx youth and families in Brookfield and Fruitvale.

Alyssa holds a Ph.D. in Science and Mathematics Education and a M.A. in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, a single-subject teaching credential in mathematics with an EL authorization, and a B.S. in mathematics and physics from Harvey Mudd College.


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