Voices from the Field Blog: Exiting the Allegorical Cave

October 13, 2021
As the majority of U.S. schools transition back to in-person learning, teachers have been elated with the opportunity to reconnect with students in person and put the black Zoom boxes behind them. During classroom observations throughout the pandemic, ELSF’s EL Experts noticed that social interaction and collaborative learning were some of the first elements to fall to the wayside during the past year and a half of distance learning. The removal of conversational and social meaning-making opportunities within the digital classroom greatly impeded the progress of students developing English language and content learning.

With the beginning of this academic school year, teachers have reawakened their love for teaching. They are excited to talk to students one-on-one, notice students' body language, see students' expressions and reactions, and make personal connections—all essential components of meaningful collaborative environments that were incredibly difficult to maintain during remote learning.

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Photo by Allison Shelley for EDUimages

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