Case study: San Diego, CA supports English learners with high-quality curriculum and professional learning

July 30, 2021
Over 20 percent of students in the San Diego Unified School District are classified as English Learners. Therefore centering the needs of English Learners, and prioritizing their learning, is critical to achieving education equity in one of California’s largest school districts.

San Diego Unified (SDU) has been doing this by transforming their mathematics instruction. Under the leadership of Ms. Aly Martinez, Math Instructional Coordinator, the district is breaking silos, providing professional development opportunities for educators, and making strides in redesigning their math curriculum to better serve English Learners.

“We are leading with shifting our instruction so that students are centered at the heart of the curriculum,” said Martinez about the work SDU is doing in support of ELs. “And, we are empowering teachers to use that curriculum to listen to their students and their voices.”

Read more at the Voices from the Field blog.


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