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Kristin Espinar

Senior Manager, State and District Engagements

Kristin Espinar is the Senior Manager of State and District Engagements at ELSF. She is responsible for supporting the development, refinement and continuous improvement of state and district engagements.  Kristin coordinates the development of content with ELSF consultants to deliver high-quality state and district services.  Before this role Kristin has worked in a variety of higher education settings focused on ESL instruction and ESL program management.  She also spent several years teaching abroad in both Spain and Russia and speaks Spanish as a second language. She has a special interest in Immigration and Education as well as assessment for English language learners. Kristin holds a B.A. in Communication and Spanish from Saint Louis University and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics with a concentration in ESL & Bilingual Education from the University of Massachusetts Boston.  Kristin currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her husband and two kids. 


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