Case study: Los Angeles Unified Surveys Its Teachers' Needs

October 8, 2021
With over 600,000 students, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the largest school district in California, and the second largest in the nation. It also has one of the highest percentages of English Learners at 150,000 students. LAUSD cannot reach education equity without addressing the needs of its EL students.

Luckily, Francisco Villegas, the Vice President of School Transformation, with the Partnership for LA Schools understands this. The Partnership for LA Schools embeds employees as coaches at middle schools around Los Angeles. Under Villegas’ purview, they work with around 40 teachers, in 5-7 schools at any one time. As part of his mission to transform high needs schools and help ensure that students are set up for success, he recognized that many of these schools have high EL populations and that supporting these students was critical.

As part of the Gates Foundation’s Professional Learning Partnership initiative, Villegas brought ELSF on board to support this work by meeting with the coaches to identify ways to better support educators working with EL students.

Read more at the Voices from the Field blog.


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